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Smith Construction provides complete construction management
services for institutional commercial and industrial owners. The
firm lends its expertise in coordinating capital improvements and
construction projects that often involve significant tenant
relocations. Over the past several years, Smith Construction has
overseen capital improvement projects valued in the millions.

The advantages of our construction management services include:

- Bulk purchasing power of Smith Construction.

- Experienced professional engineers and CPA’s.

- Streamline approval process.

- Review of owner’s work letters, architect drawings, change orders as
  well as field conditions.

- Insure that all vendors/contractors meet insurance requirements.

- Coordinate with building staff to gain access and streamline costs.

- Attend and observe at all meetings associated with the design and
  construction work in progress. Apprise the client of status and / or any
  conditions that might negatively impact the facility or progress of the
  work. Advise client of recommended courses of action.

- Prepare construction status reports.
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