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• Assist with site selection of industrial
   real estate

• Prepare cost estimates, including
   conceptual estimating

• Conduct value engineering

• Advise on sustainable ("Green")
   building practices

• Prepare schedules

• Conduct constructability reviews

• Assist with permitting and licensing

• Manage subcontractor bidding

• Manage design phase, project

• Manage risk


• Manage procurement

• Supervise and manage physical construction

• Manage project communications

• Manage project cost controls and accounting

• Evaluated and update CPM schedule

• Administer subcontractor insurance process

• Negotiate and expedite change orders

• Conduct jobsite meetings

• Administer jobsite safety program

• Administer jobsite security program

• Administer quality control program

• Perform pre-punch inspections & corrections

• Obtain occupancy permits

• Coordinate owner move-in schedule

• Coordinate and prepare as-built drawings

• Submit operation manuals and warranties


• Perform start-up and training

• Present recommended maintenence

• Manage on-going facilities

• Conduct eleventh-month warranty

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