Prefabrication will be a major factor in the success of our projects in the years to come. By stepping up our game in every area of prefab now, we’re laying the groundwork to improve our processes and evolve into a more efficient contractor.

We’ve increased our focus on prefabrication by developing dedicated processes and teams to plan, manage, and install prefabricated components in multiple market sectors. On healthcare and commercial projects alone, we’ve installed several hundred manufactured components and managed a variety of subassemblies installed by our trade partners.

Our current projects have already successfully installed a variety of prefabricated components, including:

  • Concrete formwork assemblies and reinforcing steel mats and cages
  • Exterior wall systems in a panelized assembly
  • Doors with most or all of the hardware pre-mounted before delivery
  • Bathroom pods
  • Headwalls and footwalls
  • Sink walls
  • Pump assemblies on skids, terminal units with ductwork, electrical panels, and distribution centers
  • In-wall rough-in assemblies for electrical boxes and conduit, water valves, gas assemblies, and blocking
  • Overhead piping, ductwork, risers, and manifolds