At Smith Construction, we’re proud of our roots as a builder. We’re even more proud that we’re still a builder today. We can complete many scopes of work with our own forces, and our ability to self-perform helps us serve our clients better. By self-performing work that many of our competitors must subcontract, we eliminate an additional markup, reducing costs for the owner. And when much of the work is performed by our own forces, we have more control over the schedule and can make labor adjustments more rapidly. This often means we can complete projects more quickly, and in construction, time really does equal money.

Smith Construction has the capacity to self-perform in a variety of areas


self performance
  • Site work and grading
  • Deep foundations (auger cast piles, displacement piles, etc.)
  • Sanitary sewer and storm drainage
  • Demolition
  • Formwork for foundation, slab on grade, walls, etc.
  • Mass concrete foundation formwork
  • Rebar installation
  • Placing and finishing slab on grade and elevated concrete slabs
  • Concrete finishing, point/patching, and rubbing

  • Steel erection
    Structural welding
  • Interior and exterior rough carpentry
  • Finish carpentry and millwork
  • Caulking and joint sealants
  • Doors, frames, and hardware
  • Light-gauge framing and drywall
  • Painting
  • Toilet accessories and specialties
  • Owner-furnished equipment installation
  • Millwright work
  • Process equipment and piping